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Exterior Features

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Mechanical Features

Date Registered    1998

Registration          Race Car




Exterior Colour     Blue

1.8 VHDP Minister/Rover K Series 16v engine

Engine Output     200 b.h.p.

Top Speed          over 165 m.p.h.

0 - 60 m.p.h. in under 4 secs

6 Speed Manual

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Caterham Superlight R400

Model History

2001 Autosport Caterham Superlight Challenge

The Caterham R400 Challenge is the pinnacle of the Surrey-based sports car manufacturer’s varied and exciting motor sport activities in the UK.

Backed by the UK’s leading motorsport journal, Autosport, the championship provides spectators – both trackside and watching on satellite TV around the world – with thrilling entertainment unrivalled on the domestic racing scene.

At the heart of the series is the fearsomely powerful Caterham R400 which, though outwardly recognisable as having as its basis Colin Chapman’s timeless Lotus 7 design, has over 46 years of refinement and evolution become a very different and much more sophisticated sports car.

Under the bonnet is a naturally aspirated Minister/Rover 1.8-litre, 16-valve engine which develops 200bhp at 7900rpm, delivered to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.  With a minimum weight set at just 500kg – less than half that of a new Mini – it’s easy to see why the R400 flies.

The road-going R400 – yes, you can drive one of these racers legally in the street, from £27,750 – boasts a 140mph top speed, and it can sprint from rest to 60mph in 3.9 seconds.  The different gearing and slick Avon control tyres of the racing version make it comfortably a quicker proposition…

Aside from the remarkable speed of the cars, what makes the Caterham R400 Challenge such a crowd-pleasing spectacle is that none of the competitors is allowed to gain too much of an advantage. All the power units of the competing cars are tested and sealed by the experts at Minister Power, and policing of the championship technical regulations during the season is strict indeed.

The racing is fast and furious, and as close as it can be… While some championships

struggle to provide overtaking drama, it’s quite common to see six or seven changes of lead in a Caterham race, and sometimes even six or seven changes of lead in a single lap.

In any form of motor sport, safety is a key consideration. Among the R400’s safety features are a roll-over cage, cockpit impact protection bars, aluminium honeycomb chassis side protection, a six-point full harness safety belt system and a plumbed-in fire extinguisher system. To be eligible to contest the championship, the drivers must hold a National A racing licence issued by Britain’s motor sport governing body, the MSA.

Date Manufactured  1998

Owners Two

1.8 VHDP Minister/Rover K Series 16 Valve Engine

200 BHP



Chassis specification

Engine 1.8-litre MG XPower aluminium unit mounted longitudinally

Bespoke large valve/large port cylinder head

11.0:1 compression ratio

Mechanical tappets, double overhead cam, 16 valves

MBE967 engine management system

4 into 2 into 1 side-exit 6in catalytic silencer

Maximum power 200bhp@7900rpm

Maximum torque 152lb ft @5900rpm

Transmission Caterham six-speed manual

Brakes Front/Rear, 228mm solid disc

Racing brake calipers & 254mm vented front discs may be used

Suspension Front, independent, twin wishbones, anti-roll bar, race-spec

Bilstein dampers

Rear, de Dion, lower A frame, upper Watts linkage or upper

radius arms, adjustable anti-roll bar, race-spec Bilstein dampers

Wheels & tyres Front, 6.5in x 13in, Avon slick 7-20-13

Rear, 8.5in x 13in, Avon slick 9-20-13

Caterham three-piece split rim with magnesium centre and aluminium rim

Safety equipment Six-point race harness, plumbed-in fire extinguisher,

honeycombe boot floor panel, side-impact protection system

Dimensions Wheelbase, 2225mm

Front track, 1336mm

Rear track, 1336mm

Minimum weight Car without driver, 500kg

Car with driver, 590kg


Raced by the first owner for two seasons in the BRSCC Lombard Caterham Superlight R Challenge.  Then by me for two seasons in the BRSCC Autosport Caterham Superlight Challenge.  Maintained and Professionally prepared by Taylor’s Motor Sport regardless of cost, dry stored since and recommisioned by them ready to race again.  Eligible for 750 Motor Club, Magnificent Seven and SEMSEC.

Brief Details

Car Recommisioned, Full service inc. Filters, Fluids and brakes

Engine Top and Tailed

Roller Barrel Carbs. and Dry Sump

6 Speed Gearbox and Limited Slip Diff.

Mike Barnaby Magnesium Wheels with good Avon Slicks

STACK Advance Driver System Data Dash Logging

MoMo Quick release steering wheel

6 Point Harness

Adjustable Bilstein Suspension