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S.E.M. Cars Saiga Targa

Model History


A short story about the Saiga, it has been produced by two ex TVR staff members, a Mr. Tony Edwards and Mr. Terry Steptoe.  Using their knowledge of TVR productions they made the body shell on the chassis of a TVR 3000M.   The car was also never sold as a TVR and therefore cannot be called a TVR. The car produced under the name S.E.M. Cars, bears the same name. Only two cars have been build, one coupé and one Targa version. The red Coupé is in Holland, the white Targa is in Germany. 


This is the Targa number 2 and the 4th car but never built.  One red coupe on the  road, one white targa on the road and another coupe in bits owned by Michiel Kisjes who also has the moulds (see below).

The chassis is a TVR 3000 M modified to take TVR Tasmin (wedge) suspension.  Rear lights are Mk 4 Cortina.

These cars were build with the Ford 2.0 4 cyl. Pinto engine. The other engine that was used is the 6 cyl. Ford 2.8 litre engine (the german version of the 3.0 Essex Ford engine).


Michiel Kisjes from the Netherlands has the last remains and all moulds for Sale (by seperate negotiations by email address above).

All the body moulds, for the Targa Saiga and Coupé

The original chassis, based on the 3000M.

The original windscreen.

The original tunnel section.

Both the original doors (remained in the moulds).

The original dashboards (2 or 3).

The first production nose section (slightly different from the original

version) he has the nose mould as well.